Who do you think are the most overrated bands and musical artists of all time?

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He did a few decent songs in his early years, but most of what he did later was pretentious twaddle.

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The Police                                


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OH My GAWD . . . Stupid stupid stupid . . "Hooty and the Blowfish".

Damn that Dave Letterman for giving them Air time so many times on his show . . . He had to be part owner of that horrible band.

I don't care if Darius moved on to singing country . . . I still cannot hear his voice without wanting to lash out.

Also, Axle Rose sounds like a burlap bag full of cats just wacked repeatedly against a tree . . .

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Definitly Beyonce! I never liked her after she ditched her group "Destiny's Child." That is just cold I always thought. If your gonna ditch the people who helped start your career i dont think she deserves any respect or fame.

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4. The Ramones. (No, really)

3. The Bay City Rollers (you'd have to have been around at that time to understand)

2. Ja Rule (making records doesn't make you an artist - Holla!)

1 & 1A. Kanye West. Gotta be the king of something, and Yeezy's the lord of this unholy realm.

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The Z.
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They were gonna be the "Next Beatles".
Not so much.
Walter The Grump
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I didn't mention any rappers as I find all rap horrible and shouldn't be classified as music. The lyrics degrading women. Disrespect of law enforcement. The "n word" 75 times in a song.
The Z.
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I think the whole genre is overrated, Walter. I picked the two most egregiously overrated of that set.
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  • Madonna
  • Justin Beiber
  • Beyonce
  • Essentially every modern pop/rap "artist"
  • Did I mention Taylor Swift yet?

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Dark Majinn
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I don't get how she is constantly seen as the "Victim" in her relationships . . . it should be bloody obvious, that for her to write any of her music, she literally HAS to go through a break up . . . she creates the drama to get musical content . . . and then all of her fans say "Poor Taylor" . . .
"Poor Taylor" my a$$ . . . she is using people and getting accolades for it.

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