What Are The Instruments Used To Study The Earth?


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There are several different instruments that are used by various types of scientists as they study the Earth. A multitude of instruments can be used including even simple tools such as drills and shovels. Soil and mud can be dug up with these and then taken into a laboratory to be studied further with another instrument, such as a microscope. For geologists, who study the land of the Earth, their instruments often include compasses, binoculars, rock hammers and maps. These tools enable geologists to gain information about the variety of rocks and fossils found on Earth and acquire knowledge about their history. Scientists studying areas such as natural phenomenon e.g. Decay, erosion and weather, can use another variety of instruments. They may use microscopes and telescopes. These tools allow them to look even closer at the Earth and its components in order to get a better idea of how things work.

In a more general sense, other instruments that can be used to study the Earth include:

• Rain Gauge - measures the level of rainfall on Earth. However, this tool would not work in severe storms or hurricanes.
• Richter Magnitude Scale - this allows the energy of earthquakes to be recorded and can help judge the effect  had on the Earth.
• Barometer - measures atmospheric pressure. This can tell us short term changes in the weather as well as prepare us for what is to come.
• Spacecraft - allows the Earth to be studied and observed from a distance and as a whole planet. This has allowed scientists to learn a great deal about the position of the Earth and the solar system as a whole.
• Aerovane - used to measure both the speed and direction of wind on Earth.

Each specific instrument helps to discover more about different elements of the Earth. There are many tools, all of which help us study and expand our knowledge about the past, present and future of the Earth.
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instruments used to study earth

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I get shocked about all the instruments the people use to study the earth or calculate different things, also they can try using latitude and longitude map because it helps you to be more precise at the moment of any calculation about the earth or an even a city. Your post made me think more about these tools, Thanks for share.

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