Who Is The Cheapest Supplier Per Unit For Gas And Electricity In The UK?


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The cheapest suppliers of gas in the United Kingdom are Atlantic Electric and Gas, British Gas, Ecotricity, EDF Energy, Good Energy and Green Energy.

Atlantic Electric and Gas is the trading name of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group. SSE Energy Supply Limited is a member of this company. Its registered office is located in the city of Reading in England.

British Gas is also known as the BG Group. They are one of the leaders in the market for natural gas in the world. Natural gas is one of the cleanest among the fossil fuels. It also causes the least damage to the environment. It is, therefore, becoming the preferred fuel. The BG Group also works in co-operation with various partners, public sector companies and shareholders to tap the global market for natural gas.
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edouardo edouardgunther
What about France ???? Do you know the site : http://www.edf-agence.fr/edf/ and what do you think of it ??? Are the informations sure ? Thank you
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This site compares the world wide gas and electricity price.
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One of the cheapest supplier of gas in UK is British gas, they have come up with the cheapest gas package websaver4, this package ensures 6 % discount when compared to standard package.
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delajudie antoine
I'm not sure of this ! EDF has many offers and it depends of your consumption but it can be very interesting ! I've found all the information to help me in my choice in this website : http://www.fournisseur-energie.com/

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