What Is Name Of The Song Summer Turns To Winter And Winter Turn To Rain?


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"Autumn Leaves, Summer Rain" by Danny Hamilton

Sentimental feelings, flooding through my mind
Like golden leaves in autum time
Take me back in a flood of thoughts of you.

Sitting by the window, sun falling on my face
A coffee in my hand, feeling slightly out of place
Memories keep calling me to you.

Funny how time moves on
Funny how time moves on
Isn't it funny how time moves on

In a whisper, I thought I heard you calling
I thought I heard say my name.
For a moment, I felt my heart pounding, pounding like the summer rain.


Summer turns to winter, winter turns to rain
Still memories of you keep stabbing at my brain
When I think it's over, I see you again.

As time moves on like a current in a stream
I reflect upon some crazy dreams.
Some came true, but ones of you not close.

(Repeat chorus + M8)

Mike Dennis.

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