What Are The Five Facts About Dr. Phil?


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Dr. Phil gained his popularity while appearing in the Oprah Winfrey Show and today has his own show named Dr. Phil which is quite popular on its own and he has signed to agreements which will keep his show on air till the year 2013. With his organization the Dr. Phil Foundation he has helped all those victims of Hurricane Katrina and Rita.

On a light note Dr. Phil has been rated as the fourth non-sexist man by a website. However his daughter in law, who is married to Jay his son, made it in the playmate magazine.

He won a scholarship in school for football but did not pursue it as a career. But today he is an enthusiastic tennis player and loves golf.

He has made the statement "get real" quite popular and has played a small role in the fourth Scary movie as well as a guest appearance on an episode of the Simpsons.
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He is not an M.D. Or a P.H.D..  He has a very high I.Q. He went to Stanford you. He has common sense. He is very ambitious.

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