How Much Money Does Madonna Have?


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Anonymous answered 1992 they reported madonna had earned 250 million dollars.
From 1982-1992 madonna generated 1 billion in sales for warner brothers.
Considering she has written 99% of her catalogue and is a savvy business woman, I would suggest madonnas personal wealth to be close to 900 million in 2010.

- 60 minutes reported in 2008 she had 870 million (this is before the record breaking sticky and sweet tour which made over 400 million.

Including assets (homes/art/investments) madonna would be worth
1.2 Billion.

She has never talked about her wealth, she is a conservative woman with middle class italian values when it comes to money.
She is smart, successfull and very switched on.
Her children are extremely lucky, and their children and their children so on.
Well done madonna, you have had an extraordinary life!
Wealth and success. Smart woman.
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500 million $
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Madonna has 40,million in her richest bank account but there are many more banks with millions in she has got 80,million at her house x

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