Who Is Christine Falling?


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Christine Laverne Falling was born on the 12th of March in the year 1963 in Perry, Florida. She is basically an American child killer who is at the moment serving a life sentence for the children that she murdered while they were in her care and she was babysitting them. When she was born he mother was only sixteen years of age and he father was sixty five years old. Since her child hood she was described as a dim-witted person and had to be medicated for her epileptic seizures. As a child she used to kill cats and see if they had nine lives. She and her sister were moved to a foster home when she was nine years old as a result of disputes between her parents and their involvement with the police.

She was unable to find work and thus she became a frequent visitor to hospitals for her addiction to medication. She used to baby-sit small children in order to pick up some cash. On 25, February in 1980 a 2 years old child was rushed to the hospital that she was babysitting. The little girl died shortly. Doctors noted a trauma to her head. Falling said that the baby had fallen out of the crib. Shortly another child in her care stopped breathing and died. A little while later another child in her care died while sleeping. Pathologists noted viral infection. On July, 02, 1980 another child in her care stopped breathing and doctors found suffocation symptoms. She was interrogated and thus confessed. She was given a life sentence is serving in prison still.

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