What Are The Uses Of Music In Our Daily Life?


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Music is used in a variety of ways throughout daily life. It can be used for relaxing, social activities, dancing and just background noise, to name but a few. For some, nearly every daily activity is accompanied by music while others listen to it only on occasion.

Thinking through a daily routine from start to finish, it is possible to list all of the circumstances in which you listen to music. This can be from the radio alarm clock in the morning to background music in a bar at night.

• Relaxing

Music is used by many as a way to relax. Sitting back with nothing else to do other than listen to the music is a way to get away from it all without going anywhere. For some, classical music drains away any stress, for others singing along to a favorite pop song is the perfect way to kick back.

• Social Activities

Sitting with a group of friends and putting on some music is another way that it comes into daily life. Music can be used socially for sing-alongs and karaoke or just to listen to and appreciate as a group.

• Dancing

Music is crucial to the art of dance. Dancers will rehearse to music daily either from a recording or a live pianist. Dances are created to fit with musical scores to bring the two together as an art form.

• Background Noise

Music is often used in daily life as a form of background noise. This can be in the form of a portable music player used on a walk, music used to create a relaxing environment for work or background music playing in a bar or restaurant to help build up an atmosphere.

It is difficult to think of a situation in daily life where there is not some sort of music playing or there is not the option to have music playing.
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1. Music is used for motivation

2. Music is an effective memory aid

3. Music is used for entertainment

4. Music is used for self expression

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The uses are the ff:
We can have the tonic sound in our ear.

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