How Hard Is It To Become An Actor?


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Becoming an actor is a dream come true for most of the people in their adolescence. This is due to the image that has been created by movies and serials on television which let ones stay in an imaginative world.

However, most of us fail to understand that becoming an actor is no easy job and probably is one of the hardest jobs. An engineer or doctor after studying for several years can start his job. But can an actor after studying or working for years assure himself of a successful career. May be not!

The reason is simple, since actor's job is basically dependent on the people. Though, he may try as hard as he can, but his style or nature may not be suitable for the acting industry.

Even after becoming a successful actor, you are not guaranteed of a successful career for a life time. Some famous actors have disappeared due to lack of hit films and have regarded as flukes.

This makes the acting one of the most difficult jobs in the industry today.
Another aspect of becoming an actor is the inborn quality, one must posses the confidence and inborn acting style to succeed which cannot be obtain even after years of hard work . This is the reason why there are such few successful actors.
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You're all wrong. Most famous actors have parents deep within the industry acting behind the scenes. Kristen Stewart's dad is a top exec for Access Hollywood, Angelina Jolie's dad has won Oscars.. It's all about who your parents are. The acting industry is about being grandfathered in.
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It is very easy to be an actor. It is also relatively easy to be a good actor. However, your success will be determined by your likeability, opportunities, luck, looks, charisma, how you carry yourself, your ethnicity, and even where you live, were born, and if you have any connections, or can make any.

It is basically like opening a small business in a highly competitive field where everyone in the industry sells the exact same product, but the price differs based on how "popular" the name tag of the business is. If you were to join such a business anew, you are not likely to meet immediate success, but you may.
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You have to act like your self and act like the person your so pose to be, and show a lot of effect.
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It's hard as hell. You have to have the talent, self confidence, and the brains. Or else you will get sucked in by scams and spend your whole life running in circles.

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