What Other Cartoon/animated Horse Movies Do You Know Besides Spirit?


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There are few animated films about horses other than the one you mentioned, Spirit, so I’ve included some television series and other similar movies that you might enjoy.

Animations Featuring Horses

- Black Beauty - There are many different animated versions of the classic novel by Anna Sewell.

- Horseland - Animated Series

- Animal Farm; - based on the George Orwell novella of the same title, this features a horse.

- Oakie’s Outback Adventures

- The Last Unicorn - Although not strictly about a horse, this film is based on Peter S. Beagle’s novel about a unicorn who finds out that she is the last one in the world.

- Barbie And The Magic Of Pegasus – Also available in 3D.

- My Little Pony: The Movie – There is also the My Little Pony TV series.

- Racing Stripes – This movie is not entirely animated, but the zebra talks and there’s a lot of CGI!

- Lucky Luke – The Ballad of the Daltons features a horse.

- Strawberry Shortcake: Horse Tales; Strawberry Shortcake: Adventures With Honey Pie Pony - these are perhaps more suitable for younger viewers, but they’re still about horses!

- Toy Story and Toy Story 3 also feature Bullseye the horse, although he’s not the central character.

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Quick Draw McGraw was a cartoon horse from the seventies, there is a current cartoon called Horseland, My Little Pony is another cartoon, And Black Beauty was also done in an animated version. That is all I can recall off the top of my head.
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Anastasia (nickname: Anya)
Oh my gosh, i totally forgot about that. I watched spirit on youtube(YOU CAN'T BLAME ME I GOT BORED!!!!!) and i was sort of sad when it ended lol so i was looking for more.
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I have many suggestions

My little Pony
(Its quite kiddyish but if you want to check it out go for it)

The last unicorn (Its Very good)

-Black beauty
(was made into a animated series)

Animal farm

Saddle Club
(Its not animated put played by people and its all about horses :D)

Racing stripes (Not really animated and contains a zebra :D)

All about the black stallion
(Tv show :P)

Barbie and her sisters in a Pony Tale

Barbie Magic of Pegusus


Star Hill Ponies

Pony Tales

The silver Brumby

Here is a web site containing all horse movies that you may like
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Lol you got all the good ones!
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The silver Broby
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My Little Pony

Black Beauty

Barbie And The Magic Of Pegasus

Strawberry Shortcake

Running Free

The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit

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Black Beauty was made into an animated film/series (loosly based on the book).
The Last Unicorn is fantastic.
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Shadow,lone ranger(trigger),thundar the barbarian,pegasus,animal farm(animals rebel against there master the farmer),not a horse but the donkey that carried mary(mother of jesus) had super long ears and kept tripping on them (can't remember her name,I think it started with a n/nester),wasn't pinnochio a donkey at one time or was that the lost boys...I could probably think of more but not now...
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There's an animated Black Beauty film somewhere (loosly based on the book).
The Last Unicorn is fantastic.

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