What Is The Current Price Of Aluminum Cans In Ohio?


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Whilst there appears to be no information about the price in Ohio, the price for Washington is available. The price in Washington is around $0.65 for every pound. In Riverside, however, it is $1.57 for every pound. Normally you would be able to use one of the figures as a basis for a good assumption but given the difference you're going to have to find out someway.

  • Go to a local dealer
The only way you're evidently going to find out what the local price is for aluminum cans is if you go to a scrap metal dealer. There is usually someone around who will be able to help you as they will of course always be waiting for individuals to come in and offer them the scrap metal that they require. Simply find one of the members of staff walking around the facility and ask them what the current price they offer is. They may know off the top of their head but they may take you into the office to look at some charts and do some calculations to work out precisely how much they would be able to offer you. The only other way is obvious, and that's asking somebody else that deals with scrap metal who knows the answer.

The scrap metal business is huge. Facilities that you sell your metal to make an absolute fortune by selling the metal that other people bring in. It doesn't matter where the metal is from, as long as it can be melted down and reused, then the facility will be interested in taking it from you. Make sure you visit a few dealers in your area, and only sell the cans to the scrap metal facility that is offering you the best rate.

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