How Transfer My Video From My JVC Camcorder To My PC?


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Not sure if your camcorder version takes SD cards, but if it does, that will work.  Also, check if you can use a USB cord.  Hope one of us answered your question!  : )
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You have to have a DV cable, specifically a JVC VC-VDV206U or JVC VC-VDV204U depending on whether you have 6-pin or 4-pin on the computer. The camcorder is 4-pin.
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To transfer your video from your JVC camcorder to your PC, first you need to have a few accessories. You need to have a connecting lead from JVC camcorder to the PC. These leads are easily available in the market and you can purchase them from any accessories shop in the market. The next thing you need to have is the driver CD for the JVC camcorder if the operating system you are using requires it. Some times this CD is provided along the connectivity equipment and you are not required to install the drivers separately.

Once you have the accessories connected and drivers installed, you need to have multimedia software which supports the recording option in the video form. In windows operating system, Windows movie maker is the software provided for the purpose of recording from the external connected multi media. Now you can record the movie from JVC camcorder to your PC. There are some soft wares which also allow you to edit, change graphics and add frames to your movies. You can consult the movie makers in your city for their details also.

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