How Tall Is Charlie Day From "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia?


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According to online gossip, Charlie Day is somewhere between 5'5" and 5'7".

  • Charlie Day
Charlie Day played Charlie Kelly in the TV hit series "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

  • Estimating Charlie Day's height
There is no official web page answering the question 'how tall is Charlie Day?', but many of the online actor pages have said he is 5'5" and a few that say he is 5'7".
You can try to estimate his height on your own by finding pictures of actors he is standing next to and knowing their heights. For example, he is most definitely taller than Danny Devito.

According to most sites Devito is 4'9" or 4'10". Given this height measurement, you can approximate Charlie Day's height by finding a photo of the two together. In the photo you can measure the distance from Devito's head to the top of Day's. The amount of difference can then be calculated to determine the height of Day.
Obviously you would have to convert figures based on the ratio of the image. You would need a couple of measurements. For example, find out in inches how tall Day is in the picture. Also find out how tall Devito is in the picture. You can then determine Day's height is because you know Devito's height.

You would need to convert the ratio in the picture to actual measurements in real life. If you find the height of Devito in the picture is say 10 inches and Day is 14 inches, you can use the difference of four inches to work out the difference. You need to be good at math in order to determine Day's real height and it will still be an approximation based on the picture you used and your math abilities.
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Half an inch taller than danny devito but 1/2 inch shorter in dick length so they subtract an inch in height and call it even.

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