What Is Computer Output Microfilm/microfiche (COM) System?


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Computer output microfilm/microfiche (COM) System
Paper takes a lot of room—hence the reason for microfilm and microfiche. Computer output microfilm/microfiche (COM) is computer output produced as very small images on rolls or sheets of films. When the output on rolls (usually 35mm), it is microfilm. When the output is on sheets (4´6 inches), it is microfiche.
The principal advantages of this technology are:
1.Speed: COM systems can easily handle output at a rate in excess of 30,000 lines per minute. This is about 50 percent faster than larger laser printers.
2:Size: The output is condensed in size (compare to hard copy output) by a factor ranging from 20 to 100.
3.Cost: The cost per page of printed material is les than that of regular hardcopy output methods.
The major disadvantage of COM systems is that, because of the reduced visual size of the output, special equipment—that is, a microfilm/ microfiche reader—is needed to read the output. Shows microfilm/microfiche reader.
Libraries use microfilm to store image of newspaper and magazines that they would other vise to keep because of space limitation and medium medical facilities use miniaturized X-rays for the same reasons. COM systems are no longer in use.
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This is a paper less system which use films

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