Where Do I Get Free Bayan Ko Music Sheet?


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This may not be quite what you had in mind when you asked for sheet music because it is a karaoke site, but it does have the Bayan Ko song and the music on it, so hopefully it will be what you are looking for:

  • Bayan Ko

Translated into English, Bayan Ko means My Country, and this song is recognized as a leading patriotic song in Filipino culture, and is considered by some to be the unofficial national anthem.

There are many people who believe that it originated as a folk-based song but the truth of the matter is that it was a poem written in 1929 by Jose Corazon de Jesus, and later set to music by another artist.

  • Protest song

Bayan Ko was intended to be a song of protest during the Philippine occupation by the United States, and has been sung ever since during demonstrations and rallies. The most notable of these occasions was throughout the funeral service of Senator Benigo Aquino, Junior and the subsequent revolution in 1986 when Freddie Aguilar encouraged crowds to protect through singing the song.

  • Public performances banned

Because Bayan Ko was used in public demonstrations throughout the Martial Law era of the Marcos dictatorship, the song was banned from being sung in public. If anybody disobeyed and either sang or played it, they were considered a rebel, and could have been imprisoned.

  • Pilipinas Kong Mahal

Freddie Aguilar's cover of the song is the most famous, although it has been performed by many others including Lolita Carbon. A little known fact is how instrumental parts of the Aguilar version is actually another hymn that is well known in the Philippines.

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