Where Can I Find Newspaper Articles Dating Back To 1978 To 1985?


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Go to the library. they should have micro film dating back that far.if you have no luck there you can try the bigger newspapers.they also have archives that can be utilized. then there is the national archives.that you can get access to over the internet,or you can call them in d.c. good luck by the way this is all free to you!! so don't give anybody money.
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Hello, I am looking to see if there was an article printed about my husbands' birth Feb 10th, 1978.  There was a MAJOR snow storm that day as well, and his family needed a plow to get them out and to the hospital, with a police escort.  Where can I find if there is documentation on this event?
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On the internet
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Well search on google and see if you can find anything unless your really that confused. :(

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