Can You Give Me A Lyrics Of Speech Choir The Man And The Crow?


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  • Where to find them

Although the speech choir that you are looking for in particular is a difficult one to find, there are plenty of others on the internet that may also suit your purpose; the best way to find them would probably to look for speech choirs in a search engine and see what comes up.

  • About speech choirs

Often in the form of poems, speech choirs are becoming a popular way to convey emotions in performances as they often provide a very dramatic effect. Mainly performed in large groups, a speech choir is similar to a traditional choir, their difference being that instead of singing, they use their vocal range in speaking the verses, as their name suggests.

It is because of this diversity that different skills are required to be part of either choir. For example, traditional choirs require their members, as you would obviously expect them to, to have some kind of singing talent, or at least to be able to hold a tune.

You would expect, therefore, for this style to be the harder of the two, and yet it is widely deemed that this is not so; speech choir requires the participant to have the kind of voice that is often connected to acting: Emotive, passionate, and most of all, captivating. Whilst this may seem obvious and easier to the untrained eye, this is not the case as the majority of speech choir members will tell you, as their hobby, when performed correctly, exposes the voice even more so than in a regular choir. 

Choirs are now fast becoming the trendy hobby for people of all ages due to the many documentaries they have been the feature of lately, and so have become more accessible and easier to join.

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