How Long Does It Take China To Ship Something To The United States?


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The length of time it takes to ship something from China to the United States will vary on a number of things such as location, weight of the package, and how it is shipped.
  • If using a shipping container from China to the USA, it takes 30 to 32 days.
Any items that come by ship have to be cleared by customs. While the container may be able to arrive within two weeks, there is still the waiting period in the customs section of the shipyard. Once the items are released as non illegal you can pick up your goods.
  • If you are sending a smaller package, such as a 5 lb package, it can take anywhere from two to five weeks.
In general, shipping through FedEx or the Post Office can have the goods arriving within two weeks; however, the post office still has to scan the goods. The new technology and electronics often make this process faster for individual goods. In fact individual goods do not have to stay within the customs section as long because they are mailed through an approved service like the Post Office.
If customs deems any package illegal they will destroy it and send you a letter. For shipping containers they will block access until things are cleared or send the container back. Depending on the illegality of the item the container may be destroyed.

Remember that shipping time is dependent on the goods you have shipped, how you have shipped them, and even the location they are being shipped to. If you order an item online such as a light from an actual Chinese store you still have to account for customs inspections via air, ship, and the postal service you used.
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It's all depend on the ways of trasprortation.
If air transportation, such as DHL/FEDX, the time is 2-5 days, this way  suitable for sending light parcels, fast but expensive.
The other way is by sea, the time is 1-2 months, may be more. This way is cheap but slowly.
From my experience worked at for three years, there're still some others way like AIR, SAL, etc, but  not mainstream.

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Depends on what you are having shipped, how big etc... Last time I had something shipped in it took around 2 weeks but it was just a small computer part and was sent in normal mail....
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I wish I knew. I ORDER A KEYCHAIN AND IT'S STILL NOT HERE!!! It's been almost 2 weeks : ( But my stuff from China always comes from Guangdong so maybe it's slower or something.
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Mahi Sharma , Delivery compartments in the United States, when talking about importation of products and ventures,, answered

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