Do They Make Black Vinyl Siding?


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Black vinyl siding is very uncommon, but not completely unavailable. You will be able to purchase it online or from some DIY shops. The most common colors are clay and barn red. Other colors available are:

• Timer Bark
• Chestnut Brown
• Tuscan Gold
• Parkside Pine
• And numerous other colors provided by Jamie Hardie (

Vinyl siding is an exterior and plastic cladding for a house. It is used both decoratively and for weather proofing.  It is made of PVC Resin to ensure flexibility and durability. The best way to get black vinyl siding is to ask the businesses if they have black vinyl siding available while getting a quote, or checking their website to see what colors are available. Alternatively, you could paint your vinyl siding black but you must make sure the paint you use is suitable for this as it must be weather proof/ waterproof. You may want to ask for assistance in your local DIY shop when purchasing the paint to make you get the correct type of paint. You may also want to purchase it online if you cannot find any available locally, but yet again you must make sure it is suitable for the particular use by reading product descriptions and customer reviews if they are available.

You may wish to paint the siding yourself, or get a contractor in to do it. The contractor may also be able to provide the paint if you ask them before purchasing it yourself.

You may want to consider other options when looking for cladding for your house as vinyl siding does pose risks to the environment as it is not easily disposable and there are also concerns in the manufacturing of the product. It is also more likely to ignite due to an exterior fire and release toxic fumes. You may want to consider other sidings such as wood.

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