The Bios ID In My Acer T180 Shows R01-B1, But On Acer's Downloads It's Shows As R01-C0. My Bios ID R01-B1 Is Shown On Their Downloads As Being That Of The T120. Can Anyone Explain This. Jim?


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THe BIOS id R01-B1 is one of the original BIOS images that the T180 shipped with and for most purposes should be fine. The BIOSes for the T120 are incompatible with your machine and would break your PC if you managed to flash your BIOS chip with them.

Your machine, the T180, shares it's motherboard and hence it's BIOS images with the Acer AP-M8 and the Aspire e380 ( Packard Bell, Gateway and Emachines also used this motherboard for some models )

The most recent BIOS image for the T180 on the Acer site is R01-C0. Once you install this BIOS it has a BIOS date June 15 2007 which is pretty old considering the BIOS image was added recently.

You should only flash your BIOS if you need to fix a particular problem, e.g. Unrecognised processor or memory or other known hardware problem. If the BIOS flashing fails ( very rare if done carefully ) you will permanently break your PC.

Some people recommend flashing from DOS as safer but winflash has worked fine for me. If you get many beeps on boot following the flash: Power off, open the case, move the red jumper on lower right of motherboard from pins 1+2 to pins 2+3 for 30 secs, then move it back again. Start it up press Del to go into BIOS setup then save changes and exit, good luck.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
I updated to R01-C0 and Windows XP not Linux booted (Windows show a HD access problem+reboot, and Linux rebooted).
Reseting BIOS solved it, thank you!!!! :D

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