Does Anybody Know Where I Can Download A Free Version On Monopoly In The UK?


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You can download the full version from Softonic, but please make sure you have virus protection because I have not checked the download.

If you wanted to download Monopoly on your mobile, there are also versions for iOS and Android in app form, but both of these require payment in order to download them (for example:

Before you dive into a game of Monopoly, you might want to brush up on these facts about the world's most popular board game:

  • Monopoly is available in 111 countries and in 43 languages
  • Over 275 million games have been sold worldwide
  • The longest MONOPOLY game lasted for 70 days!
  • Children play MONOPOLY all over the world, but the highest rent property differs depending on where they live. In the U.S., it is named “Boardwalk” from a street in Atlantic City. In Spain, it is named “Paseo del Prado” which is he name of a street in Barcelona and in France, it is “Rue de la Paix” .
  • Since 1935, more than one billion people have played the game.
  • A Braille edition of the MONOPOLY game was created in 1970.
  • Neiman Marcus had a chocolate version of the game for sale in 1978 priced at $600!
  • At the 2009 Best App Ever Awards,MONOPOLY Classic for ios was voted “Best Dice Game” .

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