Where Can I Download The Movie Gia For Free?


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There are a large number of places online where you can download or even stream Gia for free. The movie which is based on the life of the model Gia Maria Carangi stars Angelina Jolie and centres around the turbulent life in fashion including her premature death from AIDs aged 26.
If you wish to download the film and not worry about copyright issues there are a number of torrent download sites to use to download it. BTJunkie.com or VUZE are probably the best bet. You will need to download VUZE before you download the film. Though this is an easy task and it compiles all the information from numerous torrent search engines including BTJunkie.com. It also has a very tidy and easy to use interface which means you can do so easily with all the information necessary.
There is also the option of streaming the film for free, this will mean you don't have the film on your hard drive and can watch the film directly from a source online as you would on YouTube video. This is handier in some respects as you don't have to wait for the film to download and can watch it immediately.
There are also a number of sites where you can pay for the movie online and also the copyright. LoveFilm will allow you to stream the film to your PS3, TV or Laptop and watch it for a small monthly fee along with many other films.
If you wish to purchase the film there are also many online retailers who can supply you with a copy of the movie.
If you wish to download it without the copyright just be aware of the legal issues and connotations of doing so.
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Go to www.isohunt.com. You might find a lotta cool stuff on these sites.... You need to download bit torrent. Oh and scan every file as potential threats. I use the all the time and have very few problems. I do format every 6 mo to year..... Good luck
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You can DOWNLOAD NEW MOVIES on loadtv.info/ltv/films/. It offers a wide choice of films and tv series. Also, there is a place you can order a movie or tv show you want to watch but didn't find on the site. The great option, as for me.

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Direct Connect, but make sure you have anti virus, because it is freeware and shareware! Lots of luck!

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