Where Can I Watch The West Wing Online?


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There are many websites online where you can watch past TV shows such as the west wing. Some of these websites are blogs that people have created and have linked them to other websites were the videos can be found. The main website to find TV shows online is mega video however it can be difficult to find shows by searching their website directly and is easier to use a website such as sidereel.com which had an archive of links to different websites were TV shoes can be watched including, Amazon and iTunes downloader and sometimes even the official channel website of the programme where it can be watched. However having that west wing finished back in 2006 the official website won’t show the episodes any more. So is easier to use one of the other links from the SideReel website.

SideReel is a website that offers users the ability to search for television shows, track them and watch full episodes online. It is a TV community site with user discussions, reviews, and news. SideReel acts as a medium, connecting users to content centered on the shows that interest them and organizing the information around those shows.

SideReel launched in April 2007 and was featured in CNET's Webware "beta watch" that same month. In 2008 SideReel was chosen by AlwaysOn in their list of OnHollywood 100 Top Private Companies, a list of the top emerging technology companies in the field of digital entertainment and media. As of May 2010, SideReel was ranked as the largest independent TV Property in comScore’s Entertainment - TV category. In 2011SideReel was acquired by Rovi.

MegaVideo is an associated, ad-supported video hosting service. For non-members, it is time-limited; it blocks itself after 72 minutes, and then allows to resume watching after a 72 minute break.

Below is a list of websites in which West Wing can be found to watch online:




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The West Wing can be watched online at various different websites such as www.tv-stream.org and www.tvduck.com  TV.stream.org reports that their service is free (it is advertising based) however you must download their software to use their service.  TV Duck provides links where you can download the episode you want to see.  It does list a few episodes that are not currently available.  TV Duck appears to offer their service for free as well.  
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Hey I found the interface of this site fantastic and has all the episodes of west wing...the best place to Watch West Wing Online from season 1 to season 7 at  watchwestwingonline.info
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I found this site where you can find season 1.  Unfortunately I can't find any other seasons online.  There are a few episodes of season 2 but not the first ones or the last ones.  Hope this helps.  Enjoy.

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