How Can I Stop Him Being Bored?


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You should talk to him. Find out what is missing. Maybe you can adjust because obviously he can't or he wouldn't have considered leaving you in the first place. Just call it as you see it. If he can't answer it is definitely time for you to move on. But good luck to you. It will take some work.
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I disagree with aicha's comments. If you do whatever he likes to do to please him, the relationship can't last long, he will get bored soon. And you will get tired too.

If he said he got bored with you for just 5 months being together, I think he is not really into you. Then its no point to be with a person who does not love you, keeping the relationship longer only will hurt you. I know its hard for you to finish the relaitonship because you love him. But love can't survive with one side.

So get a new start, you will find some one enjoys company with you, then its true love!
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The best way to stop him from getting bored is to show interest in him only. Focus on his interests, his likings and dislikings, his thoughts and then he could love you back. Best of luck

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