What Do Shawn Michaels' Tattoos Mean? 


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Shawn Michaels (or Michael Shawn Hickenbottom) was formerly a professional wrestler in America, and is now a television show host signed to WWE.

According to Michaels' profile on the WWE website, he has a number of tattoos, each of which he says is symbolic of a 'long, drawn-out story'.

Tattoos dedicated to his family
Michaels has a bracelet tattooed around his wrist, with a tag on which the name 'Cameron' is inscribed. This is a reference to the name of his son.

Michaels also has several tattoos dedicated to another important person in his life, namely his wife, Rebecca - and these include a tattooed wedding ring with the letter 'R' on its face. Michaels also has a portrait of Rebecca tattooed on his left leg.

Tattoos that represent Shawn Michaels and his background
Shawn Michaels has a tattoo that relates to his wrestling persona. His moniker during his wrestling days was 'The Heartbreak Kid' - and this is portrayed by a heart and dagger on his left shoulder which he says ''encapsulates his personality'.

Another tattoo that is of importance to Michaels is one showing the outline of the state of Texas coloured in with the state's colours of red, white and blue. This design also has the words 'Lone Star' alongside it, and represents what Shawn considers to be his 'home territory'- Texas. Despite this, Michaels was actually born in Chandler, Arizona, and grew up in a military family. He even spent a brief part of his childhood in Reading, England, before his family moved to San Antonio, Texas where he spent the majority of his formative years.

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