What Does The Riddle Mean? "She Likes Coffee But Does Not Like Tea" To Solve. The "She" Can Be Replaced By A "He".


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I'm sorry but I know the answer to this... The name of the game is the same she likes coffee but hates tea. She hates all words with the letter T in them. Ex. She likes rain but hates waTer, she likes she likes sun but hates lighT. Tea is talking about the letter T. Ive done this riddle before it took me forever to get it but its easy to know. :)
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Here are a few to help:

I like felines but hate cats
I like cars bur hate automobiles
I like lips but hate teeth
I like love but hate hate.
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Hmm, does she or he like coffee because it has double letters? Tea doesn't have double letters so maybe that's it. Is that right?
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Its a tough riddle to solve. Here is a possible answer. She/he only likes those things that have double letters in them. Coffee has two double letters whereas tea doesn't have any.
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Aicha is probably right. It's like he/she likes kittens, but doesn't like cats, or he/she likes puppies, but doesn't like dogs. Got it?

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