How Much Did It Cost Starfleet To Build The Starship Enterprise?


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Building a starship is do-able with current technology. It would require a crew that viewed life aboard a starship as a way-of-life rather than a temporary ride from A to B, but...hey, I think I know a few potential volunteers. ;-) All the essential tech is in the can: Nuclear power, orbital capacity, shielding. That is really all you need. Plus political will and a lot of money.

In round numbers: About 3 years worth of Wal-mart revenues would do it. Imagine: The same amount that we spend on cheaply-made, soon to be broken crap from Wal-mart...and we could have ourselves a starship.

At 0.01G (1% of G acceleration, well within the reach of nuclear power sources), an adult boarding at Earth could expect to reach the nearest star within his/her lifetime, thus becoming the first true "ASTRO-NAUT".

If we could get it up to 4% of G, there are well over 100 stars within an adult human's lifetime to explore.

Cost: 1 Trillion dollars.
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Which one? There were a lot of them, and finances were never shared with viewers. Today, something like a starship is still way off in the future. I imagine it would cost billions in future currency, if we still use currency in the future. In First Contact Riker told Effraim Cochrane they don't use money any more.
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oops, I guess any version of the Enterprise would have cost Starfleet in the billions. That's likely why there is ONLY 12 like the Enterprise design in exisitance. I suspect the smaller starships cost Starfleet less than the Enterprise.
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True. After all, it was the flagship of the fleet:)
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Actually it was Captain Picard telling Lilly that they do not use money in the 24th Century when they were going through the ship and she was asking questions about it.

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