Where Can I Buy TUC Crackers By LU In South Dakota?


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OroWheat Bread Stores sell them. I only think they can be found in Washington, & California...My dad lives in Washington, and that is where he gets his from...I loved them, and thought I could get them back home somewhere in Arkansas...Not the case...Guess I will have to start having him send me a case or two.
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They used to sell Tuc crackers around the midwest but I have not seen them in years. I understand that Safeway stores still carry them though. You may try to see if there is a store close or even email safeway to see if they do have them and if there is a store close to you.
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No Safeway in my part of SD. Have asked local stores to get them but they claim they cant get them thru their distributors.
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If you have a Cub Foods nearby, you might try them. That's where I finally found them, although I am in MN. I'd been waiting for them to hit the US for nearly 30 years, since I lived in Denmark and developed my love for them!
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If you have a Cub Foods nearby, you may want to check there. Although I'm in MN, that's where I found mine. I've been waiting for almost 30 years to find them here in the US! I used to live in Denmark, which is where I developed my love of them. Now if I could just find request!

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