How To Make A Clubhouse With Blankets?


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My cousins and I make these all the time!   Here are the things you will need:


What To Do:

Place the chairs is the shape/size that you will want the clubhouse to be

Then, place the blankets over the chairs.  

Make sure you have enough blankets to put on the floor for padding!

Place the other blankets on the floor so the floor won't be hard.

Place pillows inside the fort, if you wish.


If you don't have enough chairs, find some regular furniture, and place the blankets on them,  to secure them, place something heavy (make sure you don't knock it down!)

You can put extra furniture in it, if it is big enough

I hope you found this to being helpful!  Although, I am 12 years old, but people still think that I make excellent clubhouses, including my cousins.

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The key to a good clubhouse is good planning and research. Start of by making the floor platform, measure a square section of wood with the help of measuring tape, the total size of the floor platform will depend on the size available or how big you want it to be.

Now for the floor joists, place six 2 by 4s wooden bolsters on the edges, keeping in mind that the exterior length remains precisely five feet apart on the tape lines and the four average lengths centred on each of the interior with one foot marking.

To create the clubhouse sides, build four wall frames, each of which looks somewhat similar to the Roman numeral II. Position two 53-inch lengths of one by four on opposite ends, now measure fourteen and a half inches from each end of each beam and mark them with the help of a pencil. Now start putting them together by nailing each frame together. After assembling all four frames, set two of these frames aside and keep the other to frames on hand.

Now these two frames will need to be bracketed to two separate four by four posts. For the final framing take all the wall frames as well as the platform to the final clubhouse location. Now with the help of a skilled carpenter start putting the frames together. As soon as the framing is done you can nail two 2 ½ foot width plywood sections on the top for the roof.
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Get a few sheets of coroplast... Cut, bend, strengthen with duct tape. This is a very durable material is completely water proof. I would probably suggest supporting the inside corners with wood, and screws but it is not completely necessary. BTW you can get coroplast at any local sign shop.
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I am talking about a clubhouse out of chairs and blankets and tables.
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Just use your imagination. Use old ribbons to decorate and old party decorations. Use lots of pillows and blankets to make it.
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Use old stuff like old toys and blankets and furniture like tables and chairs first get a table flip it on the side and get all the covers and put it on top but save one cover to spread on the ground then put your furniture where you want it then your done.

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