What Is The Musical Definition Of "Smorz."?


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The musical meaning of smorz is to gradually slow down and soften the notes until no music can be heard. Smorz is a shortened version and the full word is Smorzando. It is a mystery to me why Kellogs have chosen to use this word as the name of a cereal although it has made people a little more aware of what the word means in musical terms.

An Italian word used in composing music, performing and often used in opera, a smorz is said to be a soft ending to a piece of music and will make a scene in opera finish without too much drama, the kind of scene where there is love or a resting occasion that does not need too much drama.

The word actually combines two different musical features.
  • To fade away softly - diminuendo
  • Gradually decrease tempo - ritardando
The opposites to these words are;
  • Crescendo
  • Accelerando
You may need to know these musical words for different kinds of orchestra activity. Instructions like these are often used when music is played by a large group that needs direction. These have come from opera and this helps to explain why they are all in Italian.

When you start to learn music, these Italian words and phrases are some of the first things that you will be taught so that you can play and take instruction at the same time.

These are traditional and have been used for a long period of time, this is why they have been kept and the tradition of using them, even in non Italian speaking countries has carried on. You will find that all people that play in an orchestra can take direction from these traditional words and phrases.
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Smorz is also called smorzando and it means dying away, extinguishing or dampening; usually interpreted as a drop in dynamics, and very often in tempo as well.

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