Where To Download A Husqvarna Viking Huskystar C10 C20 Users Guide Manual?


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There's nothing more infurating than getting your sewing machine out after you haven't used it for a while, and then not being able to find the user manual - especially when you own a machine as complex as the fabulous Husqvarna computerized models!

You don't say which of the two models you have, of those pictured below, so I'll try to make my answer helpful to both.

1. The Husqvarna Viking Huskystar C10

2. The Husqvarna Viking Huskystar C20

I think I've managed to find a downloadable PDF version of the combined manual for the Husqvarna Huskystars C10 and C20 here.

There are also separate versions, for each of the two models, available via Manuals Online:

It's also worth bearing in mind that, if you ever want to be able to watch a demonstration of how to do something specific using your sewing machine, searching YouTube for how-to videos is also a good idea.
For example, here's a video I found that shows the Huskstar C20 - which the woman in the film is obviously ecstatic to own!

She was only talking generally about her Husqvrana C20 sewing machine, I know, but hopefully this gives you some idea how easy it is to find sewing machine information videos online.
Sometimes, it's really useful to be able to see what someone is trying to explain, step-by-step, which is where videos like the one below really come into their own.

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