'I Am Still Dreaming Of Your Ghost, Lonely And Dreaming Of The West Coast.' What Is The Name Of This Song?


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The lyrics "I am still living with your ghost. Lonely and dreaming of the west coast" are from the song Santa Monica by American rock band Everclear.

Santa Monica was released in 1995, and was the second single to be taken from Everclear's second album, Sparkle and Fade. Many people speculate that the song is about singer and guitarist Art Alexakis' youth: When he was 12, his brother died from a heroin overdose, and his girlfriend committed suicide shortly after. The culmination of these events caused Alexakis to jump off of the Santa Monica Pier in south Carolina.

About Everclear

Everclear is a rock band from Portland, Oregon. They formed in 1992 and enjoyed around a decade of radio hits. They're still together in 2012, but the line-up has changed so many times that only Alexakis remains from the original band.

Their most recent of eight albums, Invisible Stars,  was released on 26th June, 2012.

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