No Sound Output On My Amplifier, What Maybe The Problem?


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Rajat Khosla answered
It could be a blown fuse. Some home audio gears sometimes have fuses inside, if you don't see a fuse holder on the back panel. Remember to unplug the amp from your wall socket and wait a few minutes before tinkering with anything!

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Tom McNamee answered
Amplifiers are among the most common and easiest to understand electronic devices. At their heart, they consist of an element, usually a transistor or (much older) a tube, that uses a small current or voltage to control a much larger one. The output is proportional to the input, usually by a value > 1.0.
You can troubleshoot your amplifier by going through its various stages:
Power: Is it powered up? Are the components warm? Can you hear a hum?
Input: Are you applying a signal? Assuming an audio amp, check the input jack wires. Prove to yourself that the mike or guitar you are using as an input actually works.
Output: Is the amp really connected to an output device? Prove to yourself the speaker really works.
Amplifier circuitry: If it is none of the above, it is usually the output stage transistors or tubes that are at fault. A qualified repair shop can confirm and replace.

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