In The Television Adaptation Of Adrian Mole Who Played Adrian And Pauline Mole?


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The Adrian mole series, gained so much popularity that there were two separate adaptations of two of Townsend's books. The first television show, was based on the first Adrian Mole book titled, 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾'. It was aired in 1985 and continued to run for the next two years. Adrian's character here was played by Gian Sammarco, an actor of English origin who had a brief stint in television, which lasted a mere 5 years. British actress, Julie Waters, better known today as, the witch-wife Molly Weasley in the Harry Potter series, played Pauline Mole. Once the show was over, fans were kept updated about the life of Mole, through all the succeeding volumes in print.

The Second show that returned in 2001, now based on the 5th book titled 'Adrian Mole, Cappuccino Years'. Stephen Mangan, one of London theatre's most famous faces, played the part of Adrian Mole while Alison Steadman, best known for her award winning portrayal of strong characters on the London stage, in television and film, played Pauline Mole, Adrian's mother. Both the shows, met with critical acclaim and fans insisted that Townsend's characters be brought to life in both the television shows.

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