What's The Song Title That Goes You Can Run If You Want To Run If You Will? It's A Battlefield Brother Not A Recreation Room, A Fight Not A Game. Think It Was By Joel Hemphill 70's.


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Run if you’re going to, run if you will…

Run if you’re goin’ to, run if you will, but I came here to stay.
When I fall down I'm going to get up,
Cause I didn't come here to play,
It's a battlefield ,brother, not a recreation room,
It's a fight and not a game,
Run if you’re goin’ to, run if you will,
But I came here to stay.

Well, the champion marched, for forty days,
Said "Gimmie a man to fight!"
The Israelites said "We got a brave heart,
but our feet are sorta full of fright!"
Then a boy with a sling and a pocket full of rocks,
who knew how to trust and pray said:
"Run Goliath, if you're going to run, ‘because I came here to stay!"

Now the boys wouldn't bow and the King got mad,
He said "Turn that furnace up high,
Tie 'em up and throw' em in,
These Hebrew boys are going to fry!"
A little while later he looked in the flames,
And he heard old Shadrach say,
"Pull up a chair boys and warm your hands,
'Cause I came here to stay!”

The decree had been signed by the hand of the king,
But ol’ Daniel still talked to the Lord,
The hungry lions were pacing the floor,
"Here comes supper" one cried.
But if You'd been around anywhere close,
You'd heard old Daniel say,
"If you're talking 'bout me, forget it boys,
'Cause I came here to stay"

The chorus is sung before the first verse and also after each of the three verses.

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