My Hannspree 32" LCD TV (Model JT01-32U1-000G) Has Worked Great For 6 Months. Then, Last Night I Noticed That The Red LED Power Light Wasn't On (The Red LED Stays On When TV Is Off But Plugged In) And It Was Dead?


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If it's the fuse, they can be replaced.  They are soldered onto the power supply board and not accessible from outside the case.  A technician could check this by removing the back cover.  If that is the problem, I estimate the total time at 20 minutes for repair.  The fact that you don't see any power light strongly suggests that it may be the fuse.

Older tvs used to have a fuse holder that the user could access to visually check the fuse but this brand does not have them from my experience.  They did this to cut the cost which is unfortunate.
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I also have a Hannsprre 32 inch 3 months after warranty the same as you.  Been advised not worth repairing owing to cost of New 32 inch lcd tvs.

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