Where Can I Find Free Printable Workplace Safety Puzzles?


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If you are looking for some free printable workplace safety puzzles, there are some websites on the Internet that may offer them. Although, it may be best to create your own workplace puzzle as you will be able to tailor it to suit particular training needs and make it unique to your company.

Learning about workplace safety is essential, but that does not make it any more interesting. For a lot of employees any form of safety training can be very boring. A great way of livening things up and making sure they remember the training is to use some puzzles and games.

• Some websites such as the following example offer some puzzle templates for crosswords where you are able to finish them off by adding in specific details that may relate to your own company and employees:
• This website lists a huge number of word search puzzles that are available to download and print off for free. The content list may change quite often though, so there is a chance specific health and safety training puzzles may not be available at times. Regardless of this, you could always have a look and come up with some of your own ideas for designing a puzzle:
• This website is a great resource with puzzles relating to a huge range of safety topics. There is a small 'but' however, as you need to pay a small fee to access these puzzles:

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