Where Can I Watch Filipino Movies Online For Free?


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For free Filipino movies, which is also known as Talalog movies, visit www.pinoymovie.ca/, www.pinoyonlinemovies.com/, for a wide range of variety ranging from comedy to horror. If these websites don't have the films you are looking for, you could do a simple search on google with the phrases, 'free Filipino movies' or 'free Talaog Movies'. Also if you are looking for specific movie and you don't mind downloading, you could always go onto a torrent search engine, such as thepiratebay.org/ However to download a torrent from a torrent search engine, you will need a BitTorrent Client, such as BitTorrent from www.bittorrent.com/downloads In addition many websites that hosts free movies and torrents will have viruses and malwares, so have a anti-virus program to check the website or torrent before opening.

The downside of watching movies for free online is that it is illegal, as all of the movies are either ripped from a DVD or filmed straight from a movie theatre. It is illegal because by watching pirated movies you are stealing movies that have been copyrighted, however it is unlikely for you to be arrested and fined for watching pirated movies without downloading. If you are caught, downloading and/or selling pirated movies, you will probably be held legally responsible under both criminal and civil laws. Depending on the company that you have stolen from, you could be sued and have money claimed from you, for actual damages you have caused or for the amount that the company could have made without your infringements. The government can also prosecute you for your infringements and punishments can range from fines up to $250000 to a prison sentence of up to five years.

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