Where Can I Find The Gold Double Strand Necklace Mariska Hargitay Wears On Nearly Every Episode Of Law And Order SVU? It Has A Small Circle On Each Strand?


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Many people have commented on how amazing the necklace is and if it was to go on sale the manufacturer would make a fortune.  So far Mariska Hargitay will not say where she got it from so fans can only look and admire.  There has been speculation that it has been made as a one off by a friend but again this has not been confirmed.

For a fan that is desperate to get a copy of the necklace it will seem that the best thing to do will be to get a copy made.  There will be a lot of independent jewelers who will be able to make a copy.  There is a plus side to this and that is the fact that the replica can be made exactly as the owner wants it.  If the cost was going to be prohibitive cheaper materials could be used or if it did not sit quite how the owner wanted it to then it could be done a different length.  Whatever changes are possible ands as this is not bought readymade it will cut out the cost of alterations.

By trying an established jeweler they may recognize the design and be able to say where the original came from as this would stop them having to worry about copying someone else’s design.  It may be that the person who makes the copy will insist on a few small changes just to make sure they stay on the right side of the law.
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Hello, sometimes it happens that the most expensive accessories do not suit their owner. On the showcase or in the catalog, the thing looked like the ultimate dream and fully consistent with the style, but when worn, the impression changes. Another thing is real diamond chains for men, which look even better live than in the store window.

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I have the same question.  I looked at the Pandora Love Pod necklaces and I don't find anything similar to the one that Mariska wears on the show.  And we're not referring any of the Joyful Hearts necklaces that Mariska makes.  Has anyone found luck finding this necklace??
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I know exactly what necklace you are referring to! It's gorgeous! I went online and looked at a few wholesale jewelers and found one that looked very similar.  This wholesale site is great because it gives you access to a directory of the top wholesalers in the business.  If you search under their jewelry section you should be able to find what you're looking for.    They've got just about everything online these days, you just have to hunt around. Good luck!
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I heard if was from a company called Pandora their Love Pods line, but I am not sure.
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I know exactly what it is, I am actually going to get one soon. Its the necklace from her foundation- the Joyful Heart Foundation. If you go on their website it will show you a pic and how to  get it.

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