Does Demi Lovato Smoke?


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Unfortunately, Demi Lovato has admitted to smoking in the past. Whether she has managed to kick this dirty habit is not known, but I certainly hope so - for her sake!

Does Demi Lovato smoke? The number one rule of the internet is: 'pictures - or it didn't happen'... At least, that's the rule that I apply to any celebrity gossip that I come across.

So, when I heard that Demi Lovato was accused of smoking, I immediately looked for photographic evidence!

Although pictures like this one on a personal Flickr profile have obviously been edited, the picture above appears to be much more likely to be genuine.

Considering the peer-pressure of the 'Hollywood life-style' that Demi Lovato is subjected to, I find it very plausible that she's had a cigarette or two.

The picture in question clearly shows Demi with a cigarette between her fingers, whilst best friend Miley Cyrus is clutching an entire packet of the cancer-sticks!

What is more scandalous, however, is a story that emerged after Demi Lovato spent a period in rehab (after attacking one of her backing dancers).

According to an interview with someone who was at Timberline Knolls treatment center with Demi, the actress has smoked weed, taken heroin and cocaine, and has even slept with Joe Jonas!
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Don't really think she does.
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Nobody knows for sure, random pictures in the web made by paparazzi mean nothing. The only thing I know is that smoking is extremely harmful and a pop star can be a bad example for young people (I kicked the habit thanks to vaping and Evolve Plus wax pen ).

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Yes! She sure does because I saw a picture. It had a cigarette in her hand. She is on a TV show for like three year olds - that's more awful!
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No, she doesn't. I'm her best friend and she would never do that.

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