Who Owns The Muppets?


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The Muppets originally belonged to Jim Henson who was their creator. Since his death in 1990 they have been in various hands and were finally bought by Walt Disney Company in 2004. Walt Disney have been trying to get the owner ship for the Muppets from a very long time all the Muppets apart from the ones that appear on The Sesame Street belong to Walt Disney.

Muppets are basically puppets which are animated only in the head, tough their hands and other parts are also expressive and mobile. The Muppets were generally portrayed in an independent manner. Their Puppeteers are either hidden behind a set or kept outside the camera frame.

In 2005, ABC announced it was producing a six-episode Mini-series called 'America's Next Muppet' and going to be based on America's Next Top Model.

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