Why Did My Amplifier Stop Working?


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Well, you mentioned that you checked the wires...1) under your hood, near your battery there is supposed to be a fuse. If there is no indicator lights on the amp when the key is turned on then check that fuse first. If there is power past the fuse then you can skip that 2) If that fuse checks out good then make sure that the ground wire is still tightly secured down on both ends(to the car and to the amp) 3) If that too checks out AND with the key turned on all the way without actually starting the car, the head unit does light up as if it is ready/playing, then take a short and small piece of wire and with one end touch the screw/connection on the amp labeled battery positive( could be a plus sign, pos, etc) JUST MAKE SURE IT IS NOT THE GROUND TERMINAL with the other end of your small wire touch it to the smaller wires connector/screw (most commonly a blue wire is used) it will be labeled as the remote turn on lead...if the amp comes on then somehow you lost remote power. There is usually a fuse on the back of your head units wiring harness(on the back of it) If the fuse checks out OK but the amp will only turn on with the jumper wire attached then cut the remote wire behind the deck and tape off the end at the deck. Next, cut the red lead/switched power (only has power when the key is turned on) and reconnect both the previously cut remote wire you didn't tape off and the red wires. The red wires Ned to be reconnected....you are just adding the remote lead to it. If there is a fuse on the amp itself then of course check that first.
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I read this because my amp cut out too, my fuse on by power wire is good, and my ground is secure, my remote was plugged into a fuse on my fuse box which I find more convenient than anything else, it was hooked up to a fuse that only turns on when the ignition is in on position, and that fuse was fine and all its functions still worked (lights etc, it was my ecu) I did the thing you said with the wire from screw on B+ to screw on remote and no spark, is it possible for a wire to lose electrical current? The subs I have are 2 1000w dual voice coils hooked up to a 325 watt amp lol is it possible that I blew the wire? I don't know much about wires or electrical current
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Take a wire from your positive cable screw to your remote wire screw. It will spark a little and quickly take the wire away after and it should come on. I did it to my amp and it works fine for now until I can replace the remote wire
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If all the wires are fine then the car system has blown.
To find out sniff the system for a burning smell. If there is a burning smell the system has been damaged.
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No offense to you agyman.......If you really don't know your shizzy on a topic that could be potentially dangerous. well then it would probably be better to not add confusion to the situation. Man I sound like a jerk; sorry agyman I really am not. I've just been installing gar audio for 16 years.....that's all.

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