Who Wrote "What A Wonderful World"?


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The epic track, 'What a Wonderful World', was written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss. It was first performed by Louis Armstrong was released as a single in the year 1968. The song talks about finding joy in the delightful events that happen in everyday life. Initially, the song was written keeping in mind the political and social climate in America at the time (racial and political issues were at their peak). It was also meant especially for performer Louis Armstrong who enjoyed a widespread appeal among the masses, despite being of African American descent. It also came as a surprise that the song became a huge hit in the United Kingdom as compared to America. The tracks gained worldwide recognition within the first few months of its release and was looked upon as an anthem of sorts.
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There's more subtlety to the answer than this. There is a third name on the early sheet music, George Douglas. Much is known of Thiele and Weiss, but little of (or that can be confirmed) about Douglas. Many believe that pianist, Dana Pelkie co-wrote the song using Douglas as a pseudonym. "George Douglas" was in fact the name he used during a period of intense alcoholism of the 1950s in order to find work in New York where everyone knew him to be a heavy drinker and unreliable performer.
Whether his "George Douglas" is the same as the songwriter "George Douglas" cannot be confirmed. However, many times in the sixties, before the song became famous, he noted that he had written a number of songs with two other musician friends, and one of them was about how wonderful the world was. He referred to it as his "resurrection from the grave" song.

Pelkie died in 1982 and his authorship cannot be confirmed.

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