How Much Is Current Scrap Bronze Value Per Pound?


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The price of scrap bronze varies all the time and so you are best contacting your local scrap yard and taking in your scrap bronze to get an accurate value.

Scrap bronze can come in many grades. For example there is yellow brass, red brass, refinery brass. Some average pricing of scrap bronze is as follows -

Mixed Brass & Bronze 0.57 lbs USD

Refinery Brass 0.38 lbs USD

Red Brass Solids 1.06 lbs USD

Red Brass Turnings 0.42 lbs USD

Old Yellow Brass 0.57 lbs USD

New Brass Clips 0.85 lbs USD

For current daily scrap metal prices for bronze and other metals you can visit websites such as and
Historically, bronzes were used for their hardness, strength and easy castability and gave their name to a period of time known as The Bronze Age. However, bronze is not simply an alloy of the past; it is very much used in modern engineering applications.

Ancient bronzes consisted mainly of copper and tin and are called tin bronzes. Tin bronzes are still used today but bronzes containing aluminium, nickel, manganese and silicon have been developed to give increased strength and corrosion resistance. These bronzes are used in seawater applications and are fully tested to meet stringent government requirements. An example of the use in seawater is the propeller of a container ship.

Architects also use bronze widely to enhance the appearance of their buildings, taking advantage of its attractive colour, corrosion resistance and high strength. A good example of this is Portcullis House, the parliamentary building, which is clad in aluminium bronze plate.
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I have a 21 piece of bronze metal MEN IN SPACE medals.  Danbury mint will refund $84 to me which was the original price in 1969.

Should I take the money and run or ask for them to mail them back to me?

Janelle Smith      [email protected]

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