Having A Mock Wedding, And Need Some Funny Wedding Vows For Ceremony, Do You Have Any Ideas?


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Funny wedding vows can be a great idea for a mock wedding as they show both your great personalities and sense of humor. There are so many ideas you could use to spice up your vows, but just to get you on your way there are a few listed here for inspiration:
•Personalities need to shine through
Regardless of what you are going to refer to during the funny vows, it is always a great idea to keep them personal to your relationship. For example, the bride to be could promise to love the groom as long as he lets her use his credit card to go shopping. The groom could promise to love the bride as long as she continues to make his favorite meat balls once a week. Make references to your shared interests such as your pet dog or even your favorite pizza restaurant.

•Be a star for a day
Who doesn’t enjoy a celebrity wedding or one inspired by our favorite sitcoms or films? Take some inspiration from the ‘Friends’ wedding of Monica Gellar and Chandler Bing and quote from their vows or look to classic love films for some ideas.

•Show him who wears the pants!
One website has come up with an idea that will have the guests howling with laughter. Keep the vows mainly traditional and then throw in this little twist to lighten the mood:

Minister/priest to the bride: Do you take this man to be your husband?
Bride: I do.
Minister/priest to groom: Do you take this woman to be your wife?
Bride: He does.

•Poetry to my ears
Another fun idea is to have vows that rhyme. Make them personal and include references to your own lives. By having them rhyme you are sure to lighten the mood and have everyone falling about laughing
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Need some ideas for wedding vows
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I was in the same situation 2 weeks ago and I found site witch helped a lot. Maybe it will help you too:

Wedding Poems

Resources: Wedding Speeches | Wedding Toasts | Free Wedding Toasts
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IT's a 25th wedding anniversary  pool party

Groom interested in stocks( puts and calls long and short)
Bride interested in Yoga, pilates tennis and water aerobics
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A great song idea for their first dance as a married couple! EBONY and IVORY, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.

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