Where To Buy Those Little Erasers That Look Like Food?


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If they have wal-mart there look in the school supplies and stationary section
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Do you have a target there or walgreens cuause they have 4 packs of erasers are called crazersers there shaped like fun and stoves and stuff.
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You can get them in book orders
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Too bad you live in Australia. Well, you can find them at school stores and craft stores.
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Tortoise is awesome
Yea. Iv looked everywhere. My friend got a whole bag for christmas a few yrs ago and she said i could have one of the ones she had 2 of
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Hello Tortoise :)
Here are some of the places that you can get erasers like those in australia.
I really like them too, Because you can collect them and they are puzzle type.
I tried smiggle, Wich is only in australia and new zeland but, they only have animal erasers such as penguins, dice erasers, pigs, whales stuff like that.
You can try http://www.hapaculture.com/erasers/ Or http://ebay.com or http://iwako.com <-- Should be the official website.
Hope that helps!!

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