How Tall Is Katie Couric?


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Girija Naiksatam Profile
Katie Couric is 5' 1½" ft or 1.56m in height. Her full name is Katherine Anne Couric and she is one of the most famous media personalities in the United States. She was born in Arlington in Virginia on the 7th of January, 1957. Her career took off in the year 1983 and she shot to fame when she became co-host on the very popular NBC's Today. She followed this up in by becoming the anchor as well as the managing editor in 2006, for the Evening News on CBS. This was the first time that a lady anchor had hosted an evening news bulletin without a counterpart.

Since she lost her husband to colon cancer in the year 1998, Katie has been instrumental in spreading awareness about the disease. In the year 2000 she also went as afar to conduct as colonoscopy Live on her television show. The response that this show generated was astounding and people fondly labeled this as the 'Couric Effect'.

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