Who Is The Most Handsome Anime Guy Character?


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chika dagpin answered
I vote for Zero of vampire knights
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Hanyuu Furude
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I agree!! Kaname is cute too! 83
Violet thomphson
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Hmm...It depends what kind of man you find attractive. If you like demons/goth ppl many people agree that Sebastion Michaelis From black butler is handsome. If your just looking for looks and you dont care about personallity Kirito of SAO is a pretty good looking guy so is Alois Trancy and Ciel phantomhive of Black butler. Zero and Kaname from Vampire knight Are also quite handsome. There are many different anime men that you could possibley find attractive. My All time favourite would be Yuki of Fruits basket or sebastion. Im not sure if this counts as an anime but Howl of howls moving castle Is also Very handsome in my oppinion
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I have no idea how  I stumbled upon this old as' question .... But as weird as I am ... I don't find any cartoon characters attractive. Betty Boop is pretty hot though ....

Roy Lovett Profile
Roy Lovett answered

Tamaki Suoh :)....

Miss Strawberry Profile
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Yuu Otosaka is the hottest guy I have ever seen in any anime. There's also Killua, who is super hot, but he is only 12.

max atwood Profile
max atwood answered
Zero from vampire knight and orphen from orphen
Hanyuu Furude Profile
Hanyuu Furude answered
Sasuke [Naruto Shippuden + Naruto]
Kaname, Zero [Vampire Knight]
Suzaku, Lelouch [Code Geass]
Keiichi, Satoshi, Irie [Higurashi no naku koro ni]
That guy with the red hair [Umineko no naku koro ni]
Kyohei [Burst Angel]
Yuki, Kyo [Fruits Basket]
Sid, Tobey, Barney [Three Delivery]

Lol I love all of them. But I hate Sasori xD
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Hanyuu Furude
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I LOVE these other ones:
Daedalus, Vincent Law [Ergo Proxy]
Deidara [Naruto Shippuden]
Aido [Vampire Knight]
Axel (Lea), Zexion, Riku, Demyx [Kingdom Hearts]
Sesshomaru, InuYasha [InuYasha]
Ed, Envy, Alphonse, Roy [Fullmetal Alchemist]
Yay!! I got TOO many!!!
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Elija Salut answered
I do like
ren tsuruga of skip beat
kazuma of kaze no stigma
kie of Special A
Zero and kaname of vampire knight
hayate of pretear
the guys of la corda de ordo . .

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