Where Can I See Free Indian Blue Films Without Downloading It?


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Meg Hayes answered
Blurtit is a family site so I can't give you a link to what I assume you are looking for as "Blue film" is commonly a name used for pornographic videos, often of amateur quality and sometimes filmed without the knowledge of the participants.

In India, distributing or creating pornographic material is illegal and as a result there has developed an underground scene to make this material available often in the same places you would be able to buy pirated DVDs and suchlike.

Apparently, a lot of films originate from the south; the state of Kerala, home to the Malayalam people, has gained the ironic title of Mollywood. Also in the south, Tamil Nadu known as "Tollywood" and Tamil Blue Film is also widely sought after.

You may find streaming Indian Blue Movies online but here is not really the place to start looking.
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Amanda Wells answered
You can't get any links to blue films from Blurtit, which is a family site and so the terms and conditions do not allow you to ask or answer inappropriate questions (please see the terms and conditions.) If you are interested in Indian films in general, you may like to have a look at a website dedicated to Hindi films such as this one.

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