Where Can I Watch Free Full Episodes Of Heroes Season 1 Online?


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Here is a link from where you can watch the first seasons of Heroes online:
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Yeah Heroes is my favorite TV show.I Watch ER Online from Internet. Heroes, an American television series created by Tim Kring, made its debut on September 25, 2006 on the NBC Network. The show has a very strange tagline- some people are born to be extraordinary. The plotline revolves around a group of extraordinary people who develop superhuman abilities quite unexpectedly. Now it’s up to them whether they use it to save the world or for their selfish purposes.

Among the major characters of series are Isaac Mendez, a struggling artist with an ability to paint the future; Peter Petrelli, a young dreamer who tries to make his brother Nathan Petrelli believe that he has the ability to fly; Claire Bennet, an everlasting gal; Mr. Bennet, Claire’s father leading a double life; Niki Sanders, a lady obsessed by her mirror image; and Matt Parkman, a clairvoyant living in Los Angeles. Heroes delves into the lives of all these characters as they try to cope with their supernatural abilities. It has finished airing the third season and NBC network has confirmed the fourth season with 18-20 episodes.

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